plan B

Was to spend few days with Xenia and her family near the New Forest while they were visiting England.
We came back with cherished memories. 

Little friends.
Big friends.

*photos by K


eau de nil said...

it was so good,
how that worked out:
small flood, great comradeship :)

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

What an awesome pair of wonderful photos. So thoughtful & full of meaning & memories. ox

Studio Yuko Jones said...

Wonderful photos! It's amazing how a couple of photos can capture such sweet moments and are worth a thousand words. They would be lovely framed side by side :)

Patrice A. said...

i saw the images at Xenia's
and they make me smile
it so makes sence your friendship
you even look alike ;^)))


alessandra said...

yes, great comradeship :) >xenia

thank you Sonia.

indeed they would look great side by side, thank you Yuko.

yes Patrice, I think we have quite few things in common, we are both Mediterranean and we have a similar taste.

xo :)

michelle chamlee said...

who's who ? :-D

alessandra said...

michelle, on the left xenia's daughter and I,
on the right my daughter and xenia.

Paravent said...

LOVE these photos!!! How gorgeous :)