the sea, the forest

Last week we packed our camping gear to go camping to the New Forest.
But once reached the site, the rain started, we put up the tent despite the rain pouring heavily.
Two hours after the tent was up and flooded (again). 
The rain kept pouring down and the winds were strong.
The remnants of hurricane Bertha were not about to give up easily.
But, we had a plan B and we spent few days with wonderful friends.


the sea, Isle of Wight.
the forest, New Forest.


naa said...

Oh so sorry to hear about the same bad experience but I am happy you still had a nice time!*

alessandra said...

thank you Ana, the forest has a soil that is like a sponge, the water bounce back and it takes ages to be absorbed. never mind because we were in excellent company...xx

eau de nil said...

very fond of hurricane bertha,
she did her job beautifully :)
it was a wonderful time, a treasure.

(good to see your photos big again,
that sea is breathtaking)

Lo said...

Beautiful pics!
Enjoy the rest of the holidays ^_^

alessandra said...

grateful too! thank you Xenia xx

hello Lo, thanks! you too :)

gema said...

Harmony of colors is wonderful. Congratulations, it's a fantastic job.

Belle Fleur de Lis - Lotte Janssens said...

looks very pretty and you made the best of it.